Recycling Small World Play

Is it just me or do all kids seem to have a fascination with rubbish trucks at some point in their childhood?! With the help of a piece of fake grass, this awesome Green Toys recycling truck, a mini bin from our local council and a few recyclables, the kids can have a go at being the garbage truck driver and cart the recycling off to the closest recycling centre (in our case, the kitchen table).

Recycling Small World Play

The recyclables we used included bottle tops, cardboard craft match boxes and the printed cardboard cards that come on the packaging from the truck (how cool is that!). The best thing about these objects is that they all fit through the slots on the side of the truck for a fun posting experience.

Recycling Small World Play

You could link this fun small world play experience with a sustainability focus with the children in your care. Add a garbage truck and the children can play with different types of (clean) rubbish, sorting them to the correct bins and trucks.

A small world play experience like this can open up a dialogue for children to express their understandings and ask further questions which can lead to further explorations and truly meaningful learning.

Like always, allow the children to guide the play and be open to them taking it in a new direction. After all, they create their own understandings through free play and exploration especially when given the freedom to do so in their own way.

I would love to see pictures of the recycling and sustainability experiences that you have set up (or that the children have made for themselves), share them with me on our Facebook community!

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Happy exploring!

Recycling Small World Play

*This Green Toys Recycling Truck was kindly gifted to us by Lucas Loves Cars to feature on our Instagram page. This post was written by choice.



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