First Birthday Party!

My not so little boy turned 1 last Saturday!! My goodness time flies by! We were blessed with perfect weather and were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate a really wonderful day!

I have decided to share some photos of the things that kept the kiddies entertained. If you have been following along with my blog you would see that I adore activities that are simple, open-ended, outside and quite often messy! I also love capturing the little hands and feet involved in the fun. The photos that I have below contain everything that I love and also describe our day perfectly.

One of the favourite activities was painting the cardboard cubby house that we had made previously.

There was lots of careful painting, experimenting with colours, messy hand prints, splattered skin and big smiles!

The kids painted on and off for quite a while, some staying longer than others and some using the paint, brushes and water to make mysterious potions!

The cubby house looked fabulous when it was finished and is now sitting back inside adding a bright and colourful memory to our lounge!

Cleaning up even proved itself to be a whole lot of fun and we had a very wet boy when he was finished!

Bringing a Peruvian tradition to our day my husband organised a piñata. Our little man giggled and giggled as he watched the kids swing and hit the piñata and had a go himself helped by his Great Aunty.

At the end of the day after nearly everyone had gone we had one little guest who had big plans for the chalk we had out. We intended for the kids to draw on our pavers, which they did, but there is nothing like the mind of a child to be creative and think of things that we never would.

She told me that she was creating a chalk tree, that all the branches would be transformed into beautiful colours and that when she was finished it would be an integral part to a game that she had created.

One of my favourite photos are these little feet covered in dirt and paint, barefoot in the tree. It reminds me of my childhood and is the type of childhood I wish for my son and his friends.

She did a fabulous job of colouring the branches, and with the promise that we could get the chalk out again the next time she visited she left happy and exhausted!

It really was a fabulous day and I think we wore out all the kids (and ourselves) by the end of it. However as we kept things easy with food and decorations by not getting caught up in the little details our exhaustion came from playing not running around organising and fretting. I love those 'Pinterest' parties but by not having a theme, simply heating up party food in the oven and decorating with colourful balloons and streamers we found that we were very relaxed and were able to spend the day enjoying our time with those who came and most importantly our boy!!



  1. What a wonderful day! I love it. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy :)

  2. Happy special 1st birthday to your little man Rodri. Looks like a fun and relaxing birthday party! We didn't go overboard with a theme either for M's 1st bday - just a low key family bbq and she was the only child there. Looking forward to her 2nd bday though with some of her little friends :)

  3. LOVE the cardboard house, the tree and the fact that the kids were allowed to be get messy! The photos are lovely as well. Looks like your son had a wonderful birthday in all. Thanks for linking up to the #outdoorplayparty!

    1. Thanks Linda, the cardboard house is still a favourite with my boy!!

  4. Oh this looks like such a fun party for everyone. I love the house but think the trees are my favourite, they look so bright & colourful. I am more than a little envious of your lovely blue skies. Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party.

    1. We were so lucky with the fantastic weather!

  5. Happy birthday! The chalk tree is simply gorgeous, I love your photos, they really capture the spirit of it xx


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