20 Busy Bags for Busy Little People | Part 1

Today The Way He Plays is trying something new! I am delighted to welcome to my blog Lauren from Teacher Types as she shares a post about a little something we are working on! Lauren is a proud Adeladian, Teacher and Mother who shares aspects of all these parts of herself on her blog. Over on Teacher Types you will find wonderful ideas that will inspire you to create fun and educational experiences for the children in your life whether you are a parent, an educator or both! When you have finished reading be sure to head on over to her page, leave a comment and say hi from me, she would love to hear from you! 


Welcome to November at Teacher Types. I'm excited to be teaming up with fellow Early Childhood Educator and mum Alison from The Way He Plays to bring you 20 busy bag ideas over this month. Every Tuesday we'll post 5 different busy bags on both blogs for you to try. And we're linking up with Essentially Jess for #IBOT :)

The idea of busy bags is to be able to take them anywhere - doctors waiting room, long drives, flights, etc. We recently trialled a couple pictured below on a weekend away to the river. Busy bags are designed to be simple, inexpensive, little mess or fuss, easy to carry or throw in your nappy bag or back pack. I don't know about your little one - but the key with my little miss, is to always keep things different, new, ever changing and interesting.

- "Quiet blocks" - just your ordinary kitchen sponges (great for constructing and creating)
 - Pom poms & a cardboard tube (great for fine motor and posting)

 - Sticky post it notes with crayons (great for drawing and sticking)
- Pegs and paint chips (great for colour matching)
- Pop sticks with velcro corners (great for shape creating)
If busy bags are your thing - please come back again next Tuesday, when Alison and I will be featuring 5 more busy bag ideas.

Lauren :)

*** Please take note: as with any baby and toddler play activities, please be mindful of objects smaller than a 50c piece that may present as a choking hazard. Always supervise your little one, and of course, you know your child best :)


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  1. These are great! Can use most of these on car rides too!

    1. Yes they would be great for car rides wouldn't they!

  2. Cute! I may try the pom pom one tomorrow!

    1. It looks good doesn't it! I think I'll be trying the quiet blocks first!

  3. I love these! Makes me want to go create them right now- thanks for sharing in Tune it up Tues

  4. I've made a couple of these in the past :) Thanks for sharing on my FB page so I could find your page

  5. Thanks for commenting Nichole! I love following along your page so it was a pleasure to share! :)

  6. It's ingenious! Transforming ordinary kitchen sponges into a fun play idea! I'm putting sponges on my grocery shopping list. They'll be a blast in our house, as the 2-year old is so much into construction (and these sponges are much quieter than the regular building blocks - good to know when building a tower at 6 am and the closest neighbors are still asleep ;) Best, Damjana


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