Cardboard Cubby House

When I was a kid one of my favourite things to do was to turn a cardboard box into something else. My brother and I were lucky to get lots of big cardboard boxes from my Dad, a car mechanic, who would bring them home from work. At least I thought they were big (certainly big enough to keep us busy) but I have since learnt that a big cardboard box is so much bigger than we ever had. You see, my brother is now a diesel mechanic and I guess bigger vehicles require bigger parts because when I asked him for a big cardboard box he bought me this whopper attached to a pallet! It is just over 1 metre square and super thick which makes it really strong too.

There was a little part inside of me that was secretly glad that my son was too small to make something himself, because that meant that I got to be the one to play with it! And boy did I have a fun time making this cubby!

My little man loves opening and closing the door to go in and out and quite often initiates peek-a-boo with it.

The cellophane stars on the roof create beautiful light inside the cubby, it works well inside our home but outside in the sunlight it is simply gorgeous.

My favourite part of this particular day was watching him try to get hold of the red star.

Which kept disappearing...

Little did he know it was on the back of his head!

All the other stars caught his attention eventually too. He also liked looking out the windows and using them to put his toys and balls in and out of the house.

My son wasn't the only one who enjoyed being in the cubby, lying back and looking up through the roof was quite relaxing for me. If I had had a blanket and pillow I could have curled up and gone to sleep!

Do your kids love playing with cardboard boxes? I can't wait to see what my boy will invent when he is big enough to make things with them on his own!



  1. This is gorgeous Ali! Love it! I'm feeling very inspired. Will keep my eyes peeled to find a big box like this for my little one. And love the cellophane stars idea :)

  2. Thanks Lauren, Rodri loves the stars too!

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