First Experience With Playdough

Is 9 months too early to play with playdough? I really wasn't sure, so what better way to find out, I thought, than to give it a go! I've been thinking about this for a while and have been looking at numerous playdough recipes to try. I am terrible at making playdough you see, I absolutely love it and have made it for every class I have taught but not once have I made a version that hasn't ended up going sticky after a couple of uses. So I've been searching yet again for another playdough recipe to try but keeping in mind this time of the possibility that handfuls of it will be going into my boys mouth. It is so hard to pick a recipe from the internet, I look at each one so similar but with slightly different ingredients or amounts and then start getting confused. They must work for the person posting about them but in the back of my mind I just keep wondering about my ability to make any dough sticky! A friend of mine has suggested using the recipe on the back of the cream of tarter container, I didn't even know it was there! I'd bought it a long time ago to use for playdough and never even noticed the perfect recipe sitting there, and I say perfect because to be on the back of the container I would assume it had to have gone through a test kitchen to get it right! Once I'm confident that my boy won't be putting too much in his mouth I will be trying it out, until then though I wanted to find a recipe with no salt and just to make my search that little bit more complicated I also wanted it to smell amazing! And so I found this Calming Chamomile Melting Dough at Sow Sprout Play and let me tell you, it is wonderful!

This playdough is soft and stretchy which was great for little hands and not too sticky at all! I played around with the recipe just as it suggests, adding a little more flour, a little more water until it was just right. The Chamomile was a great little addition to the dough too, what a great idea to use tea to add an interesting smell, it truly makes it even more of a sensory delight! The fact that it was Chamomile had a second interest to me too as it is pretty much regarded as the holy grail of teas in Peru, it can cure most illnesses and was even given to the kids at our school to help with their stomach aches and head aches! Might as well let my boy get used to the smell early as no doubt he will be drinking a lot of it in his life!

He was a little unsure of the playdough at first so he sat back and watched me as I touched and squeezed it, it didn't take too long though before he started to reach forward. His little fist grabbed a big handful and popped it straight in his mouth, and he seemed quite pleased with how it tasted too! After I scooped it out of his mouth and blocked a few more attempts at eating it he crawled off uninterested. One try at playdough though was not enough to convince me that he was too young (I really do love the stuff).

Later in the day we tried again, this time after blocking more attempts at eating he started to grab and drop small amounts and stare at his hands curiously when it stayed on his fingers. He spent a longer time playing with it this time. The third time we played with it he was less focused on eating and more focused on making as many small chunks as he could and dropping them into the corner of the table. It was at this point that I decided that 9 months is not in fact too young for playdough and that you just need to give it a couple of tries to let them get used to it. Play dough will be a staple at our house from now on and I am excited to watch how my boy changes the way he plays with it and most certainly looking forward too when he can start to make it with me!



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